Asset DB is a leading asset management toolset to visualise the location of valuable assets.

Asset DB is the ideal solution for managing and controlling your internal assets making easy work of the often challenging tasks of maintaining complex asset registers; the system is particularly useful when you’re looking to reduce costs or save space occupied by physical office equipment.

The sophisticated toolset enables you to link all your electrical equipment such as PCs MFPs and printers to non-electrical devices such as desks and chairs to graphical floor plans so you can control your assets by mapping who owns and uses what so you can map and manage your assets by location rather than by just by a number in a database.

For companies that are planning a change, such as a major office move, Asset DB provides valuable visualisation of all the different asset types.

With its unique graphical display, advanced user-tools and standardised input/output potential Asset DB delivers improvements in accuracy with significant time-savings.

Running on a Windows PC system, Asset DB uses a floor plan image to help you reduce maintenance and insurance costs, improve compliance and improve on the time taken to carry out an internal audit by as much as 65%!

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